The Pros and Cons of Baby Food Diet Exposure

Monday, July 9, 2012

The baby food diet is the secret of body shape, which is owns by Jennifer Anniston, Reese Witherspoon, the beautiful Cheryl Cole and some of the Desperate Housewives star.

The baby food diet

Surely, you have seen small bottles of baby food in the supermarket that is the result of a variety of pureed vegetables and fruits. Due to cater for babies, baby food generally fat free and free of genetically engineered ingredients, antibiotics or other additives to these jars will actually do wonders for your body! Baby food diet is not only light for digestion and rich in vitamins and fiber from vegetables and natural fruits; reportedly, you would have managed to lose about 3-4 pounds a week.

If other diets generally make you miserable because of hunger or be busy counting calories, the baby food diet you can eat your heart's content. You are even encouraged to eat baby food every hour from the time; you wake up in the morning until late afternoon. At night, you are allow to eat food "adult" with a menu of protein such as fish and vegetables of course.

So, if the baby food diet worth a try? Here is the pros and cons of The Baby Food Diet.

Positive exposure:
  • Infant food full vitamins and free materials additive.
  • Baby food comes in small bottles that are good for digestion as the body's intake is give in small portions at a time. In addition, we were to learn to control your appetite.
  • Baby food is also available in organic food.
  • Infant food is available in a variety of food flavors and diverse mix.
Negative exposure:
  • Because no additional seasonings or processed with flavorings, baby food tastes bland.
  • The form is as if a thick juice to make us does not have to chew food, so naturally our body will not feel satisfied.
Maybe we could lose a few pounds to maintain the baby food diet for several days. However, like other fast diet, baby food diet cannot be adopts as a lifestyle because we are not allowed to consume food that we want, although in small quantities. It seems that not everyone will be satisfied with swallowing baby food each day.

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