Baby Food Diet According to Nutritionist and Pioneer

Monday, July 9, 2012

Baby Food Diet is the latest fad diet that was design by Tracy Anderson, a celebrity trainer. According to Tracy, by eating baby food, then you will be able to curb hunger, and weight will go down in no time.

The baby food diet

Baby teeth are eating carrot soup, ground beef, bananas and porridge. However, in Hollywood, not just babies who eat food like this, the artist as well, especially those looking to lose weight.

It may sound strange, but this diet has become popular thanks to the rumor about the celebrities who lost weight by way of Baby Food Diet.

How Baby Food Diet is very simple, you get used to using baby as a measure of the portion of the bowl. In addition, of the whole chewing food, diet is to replace it with baby food.

Baby Food Diet has several variations. You can choose whether the baby food would be a substitute for all the food, or as a substitute for eating only one time (eg lunch), or simply as a replacement for snacks only.

Experts say that the Baby Food Diet may be successful if the calories are monitor continuously. However, it seems this is just deception and diet will not last long, just like other diet fad.

Anything you can eat.

Baby Food Diet is just giving a little guidance on the quantity or type of baby food, or food type and numbers of adults who are allow being a snack or main meal.

Basic menu of Baby Food Diet is that, for the morning until late afternoon you are only allowed to eat baby food (up to 14 cups), with an option for dinner you can eat as usual.

Another option is to eat three meals a day as usual, and replace high-calorie snacks with baby food.

How does the work of the Baby Food Diet?

The theory is that by eating baby food that is serving in a very small portion of the bowl, it will prevent you from overeating and not be satisfied with small portions.

If you follow the Baby Food Diet, then the calories you consume are reducing, so that it can lead to weight loss.

However, the weight you can only go down if you can control the type and quantity of baby food, as well as the number of calories contained in food supplements. One bowl of baby food ranged from 15 to 100 calories.

One of the advantages of the Baby Food Diet is that its baby food generally is equipped with a variety of nutrients, additives and preservative-free, low in fat, sugar, and salt. In addition, the choice is also very diverse.

However, we also must remember that baby food is design just for babies, not for adults, especially for people who are obese.

Infants and adults that have a need for calories and nutrients that is different. In addition, baby foods contain less fiber, calcium, and vitamin D.

In addition, the Baby Food Diet also provides an opportunity for you to eat too much, so it cannot lose weight because they eat too much.

Baby Food Diet Program also does not provide guidance on how to maintain weight, and there is no any kind of exercise is recommended.

What the experts say?

Jeanne-Moloo Gazzaniga, PhD, RD, a representative for the American Dietetic Association says, "Adults are generally only able to tolerate this diet for several days or weeks."

"Eliminating the pleasure of chewing and use the baby to control calorie bowl it is an interesting concept. However, it also could be a boomerang, and makes people eat too much," said Mooloo, a nutrition consultant of Sacramento, California.

"When changing the natural foods with foods that are mashed, then you will lose many nutrients and fiber. Better to eat an apple or a carrot rather than a whole bowl of applesauce or carrots. Bite and chew it more satisfying and you will benefit from the fiber and feel more satisfied with a cheaper price," said Mooloo.

Chewing was associated with a sense of fullness and satisfaction. In addition, this feeling cannot be replace by food, which has been ground and polished to be more rapidly digested and may even make you become hungrier.

However, if you want to try this Baby Food Diet, Mooloo encourage you to save a few bowls of candied fruit and low in calories as an alternative food.

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