Fasting Diet Plan to Faster Weight Loss

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fasting diet plan accepted as a method for faster weight loss has changed. Leave the days of reducing your calorie intake and keeping it low. These methods are outdated because it causes misery and slow metabolism. Today's research is focused on the ever-changing caloric intake to keep your body confused so do not ever adjust your diet.

Fasting diet plan to faster weight loss

Fasting diet plan method makes high metabolism and gives you the best weight loss and as soon as possible. This article gives 5 day diet plan that shows you how to use intermittent fasting diet plan to burn fat in no time.

By constantly changing your fasting diet plan, you stay one step ahead of your body and never have time to adapt to your diet.

To do this follows the recommendations below:

Start with fasting diet plan on the first day. High calories a day just create a hormonal condition in your body to support the rapid weight loss. The key to understanding work is to understand that weight loss highly dependent on the hormone. One in particular, lepton, a hormone called "anti-starvation" and that is most responsible for slowing down your metabolism. Do fasting diet plan to reduce calorie intake for more than a few days.

Diet plan in second day. On this day keep a very low calorie. Right conditions in your body for rapid weight loss for Day 1 so use today to create a calorie deficit drastically. You can proceed with the exercise of this deficit today.

Third day you must low calorie. Although not as severe as Day 2, today you will save your calories on a low level. This will vary for different people but generally low 1,000 calories per day for women and the range of 1000 calories per day for men mid range.

Forth day plan carbohydrates are: You want to give your body a little boost of energy today, which also can add back some lost glycogen storage (storage is basically carbohydrates) into your muscles. Fasting diet plan meal are about 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein, and fat 30%.

Protein fasting diet plan with it: Today you will really deplete your carbohydrate storage again to keep your body confused and also prepare for the next day fasting diet plan. This exercise will for more drain on carbohydrate storage.

Repeat this cycle until 5 times and then rest. Check with your doctor before starting fasting diet plan to make sure it is safe for you and then enjoy the results.

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